SEO works


Keyword is a vital key of SEO, but you should know how to use this key. You should use your keywords in title, meta description and content but also do make sure that you are not using your keywords too much without the requirement of sentence, you should focus on 1-2 long tail keywords, if you add too much keywords in your sentence then your SEO will get hurt and search engines will think you are stuffing keyword to gain ranking also it is not compatible for the reader, so the simple rule is to use long tail key words in title, content body, url and meta description so that you can get more traffic.


For the marketers SEO is highly recommended, Your business needs website and website needs Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to place your business website on the first page of Google, now a days it is the best way to sale the products, brands, services and etc. You just need to get web traffic on your pages. People use search engines for different purposes you just need to increase the visibility of your pages on search engines like google and bing by using SEO strategy, making your website mobile friendly and using good keywords lead to the traffic enhancement on your page, that will ultimately lead to good sale as people who visit your pages will recommend others to visit your page so more the people visits your page greater will be the sale.

How SEO effect
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